Myth:  It is impossible to end street homelessness in Pierce County by November 1st
Fact: Increases in homelessness are inevitable given the ever-growing income/wealth gap in the US. Solving this anytime soon seems unlikely. Street homelessness is another matter.
street homelessness. noun [ U ] us/ˈstriːt ˌhoʊm.ləs.nəs/ uk/ˈstriːt ˌhəʊm.ləs.nəs/ the situation when someone lives on the streets, with nowhere to sleep at night.

We can absolutely set up enough urban campgrounds and safe parking lots to ensure that everyone in Pierce county has a place to pitch a tent or park their vehicle home prior to the inclement weather that is predictable this winter. Emergency response teams quickly provide safe havens for entire communities throughout the nation during disasters. We can use those strategies to deal with the disaster that is homelessness too. 

If you don’t think homelessness is an emergency, please read on:

We can do this.

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