Imagine you had to leave your home overnight. What would you take with you?

Why is storage for unsheltered people a critical issue?

  • Unsheltered people have possessions that are valuable and worth protecting.
  • People experience discrimination, and are sometimes targeted, for having their belongings with them at all times. 
  • People’s belongings (including medicine and medical devices) are often vandalised, stolen, or lost.. 
  • Loss of official documents like social security cards, driver’s licenses and marriage certificates create additional barriers to services and housing.
  • Belongings taken during homeless sweeps are not always stored and may be impossible to retrieve
  • Keeping outdoor survival equipment secure can stop people from pursuing employment and other opportunities that can lead to housing
  • Warming and cooling centers can save lives in extreme weather – but – people may choose to stay outside and secure their belongings so they have a place to sleep that night  
  • Hauling belongings everywhere and maintaining hypervigilance is physically and emotionally exhausting.

What Can We Do About Storage?

Ideas for Pierce County? Bring them to the Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness – let’s solve this.

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