MYTH: Homeless People Should Just Get A Job

How many times have you heard this stereotype come into conversation about homelessness? Research from the Homelessness Policy Research Institute shows otherwise in finding:


🛠 People experiencing homelessness are unemployed or underemployed at disproportionately high rates, but many want to work.

🛠 Institutional barriers to employment include inhospitable labor market conditions, discrimination in hiring practices, bureaucratic red tape, and strict shelter policies.

🛠 Evidence-based interventions for individual barriers emphasize recognizing the unique needs and challenges of people experiencing homelessness.

🛠 Policy recommendations for overcoming institutional barriers include “Ban the Box” and “Ban the Address” legislation, employment-based intake questions, and hiring people with lived experience of homelessness at service provider agencies.

To see more from their research:…/Homelessness-and...

To learn more:…/homelessness-employment…/#homelessmyths#endhomelessness

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