The Pierce County Council created the Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness Ad Hoc Committee to facilitate further planning to help end homelessness in Pierce County through Resolution 2021-30s. Two groups were formed from this committee – the Steering Committee to End Homelessness and the Shelter Work group.

The Steering Committee to End Homelessness is made up of members of the community who are developing a comprehensive plan for consideration by the County Council in November 2021. The plan will outline steps, participants, timelines, process and resource needs to end homelessness in Pierce County.

The Shelter Work Group is comprised of homeless service providers, advocates, and city representatives from across the community. The ambitious goal set for the work group is to build and implement a plan to end street homelessness by November 1, 2021. This shelter plan will comprise one part of the comprehensive plan created by the steering committee.

We are actively gathering feedback from the community. For more information about homelessness in Pierce County and to provide feedback by taking a short survey, please click here:

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