We are the SS4A Campaign Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Steering Committee of the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness, and we’re launching a new project!

Although most people want to end, help, or at least reduce homelessness, most are also confused about many aspects of homelessness. Some of these include:

⭐️The leading causes of homelessness

⭐️Who people experiencing homelessness really are and what they need

⭐️Personal traits possessed by people experiencing homelessness

Homelessness is the problem, not the people experiencing homelessness. We believe we need to change the ways we think and talk about this crisis and those experiencing it. Public perception influences public policy. To make the changes we need to end street homelessness in Pierce County by November 1, we must address the myths, stereotypes and misconceptions which will persist in the absence of truth. We must identify the critical issues facing the unsheltered so we can focus solutions in the right places.

We’ll be posting the truth about these widely held misconceptions each week, to combat the interests which have a stake in perpetuating them, and we’ll be bringing out the most critical issues faced by people experiencing homelessness so our solutions can clearly address them.

To join or learn more about the SS4A Campaign, please e-mail Theresa Power-Drutis, tpdrutis@nctacoma.org, or Laurie Davenport at lauriedavenportart@gmail.com.

The images used in these posts are free use images by Laurie Davenport.

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