“Shouldn’t people experiencing homelessness give up their pets?” “Wouldn’t life be easier for both the person experiencing homelessness and their pets?”

From Pets and Homelessness (September 22, 2020)
Indeed, pets can create additional hardships, including:

  • Inability to Access Shelter
  • Difficulty Accessing Transportation and Other Services
  • Strain on Limited Resources
  • Public and Law Enforcement Criticism

But, pets are also a life-line for many people, especially those with a history of (or ongoing) trauma. Pets can offer:

  • A Consistent Relationship
  • Responsibility and Purpose
  • Social Interaction (pets provide a conduit for interactions with other people)
  • Protection and Safety

Two questions for pet lovers everywhere:

  1. If you suddenly lost your housing, would you give up your pet?
  2. When temperatures are freezing and the only shelter available has a no-pet policy, would you leave your friend outside on their own or stay out there with them?

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